07 August, 2011

a change

7 days in to August...
and I haven't blogged...I haven't told you about our new addition...

HENRY EDWIN GARDNER was born on 15 July @ 8:18am by CS weighing 9lbs 5oz, 52 cm long and 38cm head circumference.

My eyes well up just writing this...I am totally in love with him...I didn't realise how excited I would be to have a boy. Don't get my wrong, I would have been just as excited to have a 3rd girl...I was quite excited to be able to say I have 3 girls...thought it sounded cool LOL.
But now that he is here I am just so overwhelmed whenever I look at him and it's been 3 weeks since he arrived.

He put me through hell for a while...the last week was very hard, he was posterior, spine to spine...labor started, stopped, started again and stopped again, there was bleeding and horrendous pain...why pain? well unbeknown to us he decided to turn around and was feet down when my OB opended me up! So you can imagine how uncomfortable I was having a 9 pound baby turning around inside me.

So life with 3 kids??? is amazing! I love it! I love that the kids outnumber the adults. As Nathan said the other day if he knew how great it was having 3 he would have decided to have 3 LOL! Yes Henry was a surprise. A pleasant surprise....NOW!

So what's my title of today's post all about? Well I have decided that I want to change my blog...I want it to not just be for my scrapping...I want to blog daily, put down my thoughts, my experiences and what is going on in our family. I have been following a few blogs lately such as Picklebums and the Organised Housewife and The Small Notebook and I am inspired by their openess as well as their ability to organise AND let go of certain stuff.

So in an effort to let go of stuff I am going to blog every day and put my ideas down here...that probably doesn't make sense to you LOL.

Ok well we are all still in pjs, Nathan is out riding...I need to have a shower, clean another pooey nappy and somehow get the girls to pick up all the duplo that is strewn all over the floor. Duplo is the toy of the week atm...great for fine motor skills...but it really hurts when you step on it without any shoes!


Kylie said...

Congrats mALINDA

What a labor!!! But it all disappears when you see the little one in your arms...

Good idea to put down what goes on in everyday life....But sometimes life gets tooo busy and you can't...be prepared for this now with 3....i know

I have 3 girls...tried the third time for the boy.....but since found out i would have had a whole netball team had i have had more!!!Thank godness i stopped..LOL

Charmane said...

Congrats Mal! I am sooooo happy for you and your gorgeous little family.... I was sooo hoping for a boy for you and you now have one :)

It's great that everything is going well with 3, I'm sure you know this but it will get busier hehe... looking forward to your daily posts xoxo Charmane

Jasmine S said...

Mal that pic is sensational and I am so excited for you having a boy and I know exactly where you are coming from. After 3 boys, another would have been ace but to have that girl....yay.
And I love the idea re your blog. I follow Organised Housewife and love it. Thanks for sharing the others, will follow those too now.

Marelle said...

Mal, thanks for sharing
he is beautiful!
I too have been mulling around either changing my blog or having a sep one as i am really ready to share and keep a journal here
interesting how changes in your life make you re-evaluate
life.... I am so happy for your little family

kerry said...

Mal boys are so very different and i know i have the same two girls are fab ,but when they get older boys can be so much more loving and thoughtful i know mine is.So happy for you take care Kerry xx

Leonie said...

So happy for you Mal. Boys are so cool and lots of fun not that girls aren't but it's great to be able to experience both. I agree with Kerry, Boys can be extra loving with their Mums. xx

Anonymous said...


I am so very happy for you. I totally understand what you mean about having a boy after girls. It's such a blessing. They are so different.

Can't wait to catch up with you again soon I hope. In the meantime, I am looking forward to reading your daily blog posts.

Kerryn said...

Congratulations again Mal :). He's a gorgeous lil man.

Ness said...

gorgeous photo there Mal :)


i get goosebumps all over reading this post.. i am so GLAD you get to experience 3 children .. what a gorgeous full house you have .. (well nearly few.. tell nath a couple more wouldnt hurt lol) i love being able to read what you are up to.. as a mother you are inspring i love your stuff!!

at the moment enjoy all that madness soak it up and get lost in it! its fun stuff!!


nearly full.. not new