28 June, 2008

I've been tagged...

Ceci has tagged me, thanks so much Ceci...

Here's how it works. Answer the questions about yourself. At the end of your post, tag another 4 people & post their names. Go to their blogs & leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know that you have posted your answers.

My answers are:

Q1: Ten years ago.....

I was 24 and had just started my teaching career after taking 5.5 years to finish a 4 year degree LOL. I was teaching at Rosebud High, living in Frankston and had just had my first date with my now HUSBAND Nathan!!! This past week we have been celebrating our coming together, so this is a very special time for us...10 years together!!!

Q2: Five things on today's "to do list".....
Clean up the house, scrapbooking, get pressie for GF, make her a card, more scrapbooking

Q3: Snacks I enjoy.....
choccie biscuits (don't care what type), icecream

Q4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire.....
pay off my mortgage, go overseas, get a new car, set us up financially so we wouldn't have to work full time, open our own renovation business

Q5. Places I have lived....
Adelaide (I was born there), Rye, Frankston, Glen Iris and now Murrumbeena (Melbourne, near Chadstone)

I am tagging.....

No other news here...I have a child free day today...Isy has gone to my MILs...I'm going to work on the LO for Fran's challenge over at Bon's Scraps...I've decided to do a DOUBLE LO on our trip to Port Douglas...you have to use 90% from one supplier...I'm going to use all the papers, ribbons and flowers from Been There Done That.

Finished my LO from Funk Street Designs...HOME IS WHERE MY HEART IS. I love it and can't wait to get stuck into the Canvas challenge too...Charm and Kars are such talented women...I get great inspiration from their work!

Have a fantastic weekend...

24 June, 2008

The next stage

Well after writing my last post I found out that our first go at IVF wasn't successful:( Didn't really have time to feel sorry for myself as Isobel got sick and proceeded to have a vomiting spell that lasted 12 hours through the night...that was fun.

So, now we are doing a Thaw cycle...so in about 2 weeks perhaps less we will thaw the little blighter we have on ice (great way of putting it isn't it) and transfer. Then we will play the waiting game again!

I'm ok actually. I can't control what has happened I just have to think positively and look to the future. I also look at our gorgeous daughter and remember how lucky I am. Some people aren't half as lucky as I am...I am very grateful for my life, I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, a fantastic daughter, a warm and loving home and great family and friends.

Scrapping wise, I've done a bit. I've done a lot over at Bon's Scraps. I did the layout 3RD TIME LUCKY for the week 2 challenge. There was a blind challenge where I did FAMILY PHOTOS - love this LO and I also just did Challenge Bon #7 LONDON 1999.

I want to get more scrapping done this week. I got so
oooo much yummy stuff from Funkstreet Designs and I've hardly used any of it. I've got birds, flowers, owls, new alphas....mmmmm soooo yummy! There is a great class tomorrow night using the kit I bought so I am looking forward to that.

I also did the cybercrop over at 123 Challenge...what a night...I won 2 (yes 2) lots of Bingo...wahoo!!!! and now I am working on the challenges. I've done the first one,
MMMM FOOD, not 100% happy with it but I've been pondering over these photos for ages so it's nice to get them scrapped.

No other news here...Nath is pretty busy at work and of course Isobel is still as great as usual. Her vomiting didn't last long and she was back to her happy self within 24 hours (thank goodness!!!).

Thanks again for the well wishes and support...oh couldn't leave without the latest photo of Isy! Her first haircut and she was such a good girl.

18 June, 2008

No news is good news isn't it?

Ok, well two days to go (after today) and we'll know if I'm pregnant or not won't we. It's been hard, really hard. I relented and did a test on Saturday even though I knew it was too early...negative. Then did one on Tuesday...negative again! So that pretty much sent me round the bend, had a very low day yesterday, probably the lowest day I've ever had. Just wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing...BUT I didn't...I got up, cleaned the house up, vacuumed, got dinner on, did some shopping, went to Pilates, played with Isy, did some scrapping etc etc.

Today I woke up with a new attitude...no news is good news and until I get the phone call on Friday saying NO then I'm not giving up hope! A friend who has done IVF said it's too early for a HPT to be accurate, not sensitive enough. Now I know why the doctors say don't test...it's a bloody emotional rollercoaster! A negative raised soooo many questions! Should never have done it!

Well, enough about that...Scapping wise, I have done a few LO's...it's been a busy couple of weeks with Cybercrops at Scrapbook N' Bits and over at 123 Challenge (I won Bingo TWICE -YAY!!!!).
So, I've done the latest SYS at SnB...CRAZY...whipped this up pretty quickly, you can tell can't you...but I had fun doing something a little different to what I normally do...playing with paint and thinking a little crazy!
I was in Chinese Whispers over at Bons Scraps...PRINCESS...it'll be great to see what the other girls came up with.
SnB's CC Challenge was great fun...loved the sketch, and the theme was babies...so I took the opportunity to scrap JOSHUA'S CHRISTENING...Nath is his godfather.
I'm working on another LO at the moment...Bon's BONanza Week 2 challenge and I am still tryin gto work out what I'm going to do with the canvas from Funkstreet Designs. I got the kit and OMG what amazing stuff...birds, stars, canvas, star felt, alphas, borders, ink...the list goes on and on! You have to check out their kits!

Ok, well I need to get some stuff done around the house...I'm very tired too...hope that's a good sign! I'm sure I will feel like writing over the weekend, one way or the other.
Thanks again for al the comments and emails wishing us good luck. It really does make it easier knowing there are people crossing their fingers for us.

Have a greet rest of the week, and an even better weekend...couldn't leave without giving you the latest from Isy...she's pretending to put on nail polish...she's sitting at the pretend dresser complete with lipstick, hairdryer, straightener, brush, mirror, phone...all from the Toy Library!

10 June, 2008

Waiting, waiting...

So where are we up to in the Gardner story? Well last Thursday we had egg pickup (great term isn't it!)...we got 4 eggs, which I was a little disappointed with but it's better than 3 or 2 or 1 isn't it! 2 fertilised (again better than 1 or 0!!!) and on Saturday I had one embryo transferred! So no we wait...till June 20th for the blood test. I'm thinking like I'm pregnant...no alcohol, no soft cheeses, no changing the kitty litter - yay!!! Fingers crossed, and legs and toes etc etc!!

Done a bit of scrapping this week...it's been hard with all the procedures etc
Just finished the Bonanza week 1 challenge at Bons Scraps DRESS-UP plus Peta's this + that challenge CUDDLES, which I love and gave to Jodie. I've also finished my June 123 Challenge LO, quite happy with it but not over the moon. This week I'm hoping to get a lot of scrapping done...the new SYS is up at SnB and there are a heap of challenges at BonsScraps that I want to do:)

Everybody is well here. Isy is such a great girl...sooooooo funny!!!! She's a big help now at home, unloading the dishwasher, putting things in the bin, packing up her toys...I don't have to do anything! Here's the latest photos of her.

Well that's it from me...will let you know what the tests say next week...thanks for everyone's support!

01 June, 2008

What a scrapping weekend!

We've had a pretty good weekend, if you don't count the Tigers getting thumped by Sydney by 82 points!!!

Kelly came over on Friday night and we completed Leanne's challenge (from BonsScraps), wanted to get Bon's challenge done too but we chatted too much!

On Saturday, I had a childfree day - wooohooo!!!! So after Toy Library duty, getting the dinner on (I love my slow cooker) and mopping the floors I was able to do more scrapping and finished Bon's Challenge.

Sunday, Isy, Mum and I met Jodie, Dave and Flynn at the Locomotive place but it wasn't open until 1:30pm!!! so we went to Southland for a play and a coffee. More scrapping in the arvo when I completed the first of two LO's for ScrapbooknBits. You had to use stuff from your stash that was 12 months old! This was for the girls who didn't go on the Retreat.

Unfortunately the Tigers were thumped...they were terrible...but oh well, there's always next week!

Nath is off to Adelaide tomorrow overnight and of course we have ALL the IVF stuff this week...feeling a little apprehensive about it all, especially the surgery on Wednesday and then of course the waiting game!

Have a great week...