08 August, 2011

Easier said than done

I started a post whilst feeding Henry in the middle of the night after I purchased the blogpress app. But it's not there now:(

Oh well!! I think it was a bit long winded anyway.

And what I was going to do today I haven't even started. But that's the story of my life atm. Life with 3 kids, 2 cats and a husband doesn't leave much time for much else.

Oh but I did scrap. Nearly two pages. About to go and finish it off. I decided to enter SBM Masters. Only decided on the weekend. Nothing to lose hey??

So what was my task going to be today???? Oh yeah that's right, clean out my handbag. My handbag is actually a nappy bag by OiOi that I love.

And inside well let's just say it has
Nappies-in two sizes now
Hair bobbles
Hair clips
Muesli bar wrappers
Drink bottles
A digi slr camera
Bobby pins
A scarf of isobels
Socks-odd ones of beatrix'
Costume jewelry of isobels
Pink cd
Plastic container
Rennie tablets
Cheque book
Hand cream
Baby cream
Toy plane
Bull dog clip
Blank cd

right!!! Well I am going to go and clean it out. I can accomplish this today. I have 2 hours and 40 mins left. That's enough time isn't it.

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Charmane said...

good luck cleaning that out hahah.... woah can't believe you have ALL that in it.... do you have trouble finding what you WANT??? hehe xoxo Charmane

Kerryn said...

That's a pretty sweet nappy bag. Much better than the boring old blue thing I had with my kiddos. Great to hear you have entered masters. Have fun finishing your entry :).

Anonymous said...

Cute bag!

I might clean out my bag today too. I really need to make a nappy and wipes pouch to fit in it too. Might just HAVE to do that today also.

Jasmine S said...

Hehe. That is one full bag.
Years ago, before kids for me, my girlfriend at work who had two small boys at the time, was getting something out of her bag and found a half eaten McDonalds cheeseburger...I didn't really get it at the time except that it was a big gross but now I get it....
And weekend away, YAY, cannot wait. It is in the diary.

Jasmine S said...

P.S. Good luck with Masters. They will love your style I'm sure.


thats a lot of shit for one bag babe.. whod of ever thought a few years back youd have two sized nappies in there.. simple Joys.. love that you now have that in there...(lots of nappies)

miss you