30 November, 2010


all this blogging will kill me!!! haha!

ok so been scrapping quite a bit...I seem to have got into a pattern of an evening...when Nath reads Isobel a story I go to my scrap room and scrap and then Isobel reads herself a story so I scrap then across from her...and then I stay there after we turn the lights out in case she comes out...so I actually get most of a page done in that time...how cool is that!

so the last two days this is what I've done:

this one is for STUCK 15 NOV sketch...of course I had to change it a LITTLE bit LOL!

and this one is for KIU NOV ch! decorative borders....can't say I love this idea LOL!

ok so last day of the month...and I think I've done ALL the ch's I can do!!!

Bring on December and some NEW ch's!!

27 November, 2010

NO PAINT?????!!!

you've got to be kidding me...but yes that was ONE of the criteria set for the DT CH over at Bonsscraps for the NOV CC!!!!!!!

here's what I came up with...which is my entry for the STB Nov ch!

the other criterion were:
no PP - that bit is easy for me...not a big user of PP
tissue paper - up top and down the bottom
something clear - clear dymo
and NO PAINT! - I used crayon instead

So after NO PAINT and having withdrawals from PAINT I had to do this one for STG

The criterion for this one was a whole lot of puzzle pieces. I did use some creative interpretation for some bits LOL but they are all there.

21 November, 2010

STUCK! 1st nov sketch

BEEN SCRAPPING A FAIR BIT LATELY....but can't show you most of it...haha

this one's for STUCK! 1ST NOV

and this is for my GUEST DT spot over at Scrap 'N' craft with T (don't worry it was all cleared with Bon!)

so better get back to it....twenty20 cricket is on...so i'm going to scrap!

11 November, 2010

we love


Yep as a family we love to go camping...we started a couple of years ago. Our first try was not fun, everything went wrong...but now we are decked out in all the gear we need...self erecting tent, proper mattress for us and camp beds for the girls...and tubs tubs and more tubs...all labelled and full of what we need...plus chairs, warm and cold weather clothes and of course bikes and scooters.

So we went camping last weekend, at Cowes Caravan Park in Phillip Island, with two other families, The Roberts, Kell, Jase, Jade and Josh

and The Rossato's, Mel, Michael, Nicholas and Olivia

and Kell's Mum and Dad, Judy and Michael also joined us, Perfect spot and perfect weather!

The kids were perfect too...they just played, rode their scooters and bikes, played in the playground at the camping ground or hung out at the beach - the camping ground was on the beach. And of course the parent sat in the sun, drank wine and beer, read mags and the newspaper and watched the kids hoon around.

Does it get any better than this?