08 December, 2008

Not long til Christmas!

Well it's December so of course that means 2 things
1) my birthday - 35 geez I'm getting old - had a fantastic day....got this amazing bracelet from Nath (thanks to Jodi for helping him out with the present).
2) christmas and our christmas phot shoot and putting up the tree.

Isy is getting into Christmas this year and had a ball with the photos....very impromptu...next year will dress her up and go all out!

Scrapping wise I haven't done much lately, been working on my christmas cards and haven't felt motivated till today do anything else....but I scrapped at Bon's today and did 2 pages (1 at her house and 1 later in the day).

All is good here...just getting ready for our long long drive to Wollongong :(

01 December, 2008

So busy...so much to do so little time!

Well the last 6 weeks have meant little scrapping (well less than usual LOL) and lots of uni work!

I did do a lot of scrapping for Bon's Game On...and I won (hehehe) Thanks Bon for my $30 prize! Here's some LOs from the Game On challenges...

Here's my 123 November LO. I know the photos aren't very scary but that's what I got when I asked for a scary face - too funny!

Here's Tam's sketch challenge for November....check out December Sketch at Bon's ...I will def be doing this one!

I'm loving my scrapping at the moment...

Here's some other stuff I've done lately...what do you think? Family news - not much...Isy is still very unhappy when we leave her at Day Care...but fine within 2 mins of us leaving. Don't what to do about this....and then there's the fact her ABC is under review so I may have to move her...will deal with this in the New Year.