10 August, 2011

Middle child syndrome

Is it a myth?

Beatrix is a great kid. Sooo funny. Heaps of personality. Very cheeky. Defiant. Yep 17 months old and very defiant.

She's also very high maintenance. Already.

Tonight she decided to scream the house down for nearly an hour. Poor isobel was in the same room as her. It was bad enough being in bed or then feeding Henry at the other end if the house.

So is the middle child syndrome?

She's in our bed now. Her wriggling warm body has been asleep in between us for the last 3 hours. That's something we said we would never allow!!!!

She's not sick. Well she's got a runny nose. But nothing serious. And this is not the first time this has happened.

It's just a stage. It's just a stage!!!!

Off to put little man back to bed, yes I'm sucking it up and going with the flow with him lol.
Then need to pick up that warm wriggling body and put her back in her bed. I need sleep without feet in my back

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Crystal Goulding said...

Hahahahaha I'm laughing because that's Lucie!! And she's not my middle child by my spoilt youngest child!! It is just a stage and it will pass! And because you're an awesome Mum as she gets older she will learn patience and hopefully be a lovely littlw girl xx

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys hey! I definitely have middle child syndrome happening in this house. Ashca and Gemma definitely run races to get Mummy's attention, and it is usually Ash making the most fuss. But you know what, little by little it does get better. Trust me.

Kerry said...

I think it is true.... you've gotta remember too she's been the baby for 17 months and her world has been turned around by henry's arrival. she's not old enough to verbalise so is bound to have a few moments like these. it IS just a phase..she might be a little more emo that the other 2, but life would be boring if we were all the same ;)


The middle child is a test of all our strengths lol i believe it exists .. they seem the stongest of wills wiling to battle everything out to the death im sure it will help into adult hood lol.. and mal.. with the kids .. if she sleeps in your bed and it means everyone gets some sleep go with it .. it doesnt last forever maybe she wants to feel you and nath beside her for comfort to ease of to sleep .. all the best honey .. I LOVE you work as a mother . YOU ROCK!!