24 August, 2012

the amazing race

scrapbooking style....

I'm signed up!!!

and can't wait to get started on sept 1....

I need to be pushed a bit in my scrapping...and need some deadlines!

Head over to 



22 August, 2012

a new challenge

over at SCRAPFRIENDS...awesome sketch....very me!

I do love this page, and thanks to Jasmine Shea who suggested the hints of pink, yes you were right it does finish off the page!

21 August, 2012

another 123 challenge

awesome again this month...

just perfect for me...

In love with texture paste right now, use it everywhere on everything. An gauze, love it!

And no titles, or handwritten ones...just me being lazy probably lol

20 August, 2012

a scrappy weekend away....

with 8 other lovely women...lots of laughter, drinks, food and amazingly lots of scrapping...I think I did 9 or 10 pages plus a canvas. Pretty happy with that.

Quite like this page...except the gauze isn't the one I normally use so it looks a bit like a wet cloth lol. But do like the bits and pieces that tell the story of what happened that day.

Back tomorrow with more.

09 August, 2012


yep I'm a list maker....I make lists, add to lists, lists on envelopes, lists in a book, lists on my reminder app on my phone, on the To Do app on my phone, lists on a special list pad, lists at work... I make lists everywhere.

This week's list

and I'm linking up with Tam Milborn's List Lovers link up at Somewhere Around Here...each week there's a LIST PROMPT. This week is Lists I Make...

And I'm proud to say only 6 left (out of 13) from my list already...nothing like a list to make you productive.

And now to do something that's NOT on my list (but I'll go and add it so I can cross it off when I've done it LOL! Do you do that?) making Lemon Slice (thanks Tam for the recipe) and Sausage rolls for tomorrow night's dinner.