20 August, 2011

I failed

And I can live with that.

I did iron one day and it felt good, but I just couldn't find the time on the other days.

So my goal is to get it done this weekend.

After that there won't be much, as I said I'm not fussy, and I am going to reinstate ironing as Nathan's job. He's going to love that.

Have a great day....Mal


Rebekkah said...

Hey Mal,
You are doing a fantastic job as a mum to 3 kids two of which are under 3 i might add and thats bloody hard work. Yep, dont put too much pressure on yourself, just do what you can WHEN you can - and you didnt FAIL, you just re-prioritised.
Bek xx

Jasmine S said...

There is no such thing as failing at ironing. So long as there is something else in the cupboard to wear, who cares?
Have a fab weekend.