13 September, 2011

Tuesday is shopping day

well online shopping day...so on the menu for the next week is:

Tuesday - Spaghetti carbonara - made enough yesterday for twice

Wednesday - Chicken and mushroom green curry

Thursday - Thai chicken patties

Friday - Marinated chicken drumsticks and fried rice

Saturday - Takeaway

Sunday - Margaret Fulton's Melt in the mouth Beef Casserole

Monday - Pie made with leftovers from casserole

what's on your menu this week?

07 September, 2011

What are we doing Wednesday.

A new regular post from me.
This is what we are up to today

YouTube Video

Playing at the park. Not 18 months old yet and so confident.

Watching and dancing to barbie movie. I feel terrible today-sore throat, achey body, so girls will have a quiet arvo and I can rest.

Feeding, feeding and getting Henry on track with sleeping. Going well so far. He self settled 2/3 sleeps yesterday and his sleeps today. Only did a 45min naps but at least he self settled. Bit frustrating but he'll get it.

Did some baking with both the girls.
weetbix slice for snacks. Isobel, Nathan and I have already made a serious dint in it tonight.

Popping bubble wrap. Hard work for a toddler.

Have a great day....Mal

01 September, 2011

SPRING is sprung

SPRING is here!!!


can't wait to be outside, watch the girls play, have washing dry on the line and a happier household all round!

so I'm joining the 30 day photo challenge...as suggested by Felicity Wilson (her blog is amazing...I love reading it!)

So day 1 - self portrait - this was hard LOL

right off to feed the little man - we're having a much better day today...thanks for all the comments of support...in fact I think things are finally coming together for him...bit of tough love yesterday and he's sleeping much better!!! will enjoy it whilst it lasts LOL

girls are at MIL's for sleep over so about to pick nathan up and head out for dinner...hope the little man behaves himself...

have a good night.