22 August, 2011

The best way to fold clothes

A perfect day in Melbourne today, in fact most of this week is going to be gorgeous.

The girls were playing outside and I didn't want to be stuck inside folding clothes so I took the baskets outside along with the baskets I use to put the kids folded clothes in.

See the white baskets, one for each child.

So I folded two loads already brought in, in the wicker basket and then the load on the line. Brings new meaning to folding straight off the line.

The end result:

Will definitely be doing this again.
I could still chat to the girls, watch them play and enjoy the sun, all whilst doing my job!

Have a great day....Mal

1 comment:

Jasmine S said...

Well I must admit, I fold straight off the line or clothes horse but I am not as organised as you with separate baskets. It all goes in one and then I sort it out upstairs.
And only today I too hung out some washing being a gorgeous day in Melb (so this week is beds week)except that before doing so I had to line up the 3 bins to stop the dog being able to come up the side of the house as he pulls the clothing of the line....grrrrrrr. Why can't things be simple sometimes??