31 December, 2011


I forgot to change my header!
doh! that means I failed at my task to have a different digi header each month! so close!!!

on another note...i scrapped 3 pages today and 1 yesterday! helps that my style is sooooo minimalistic atm!!!

can only show you one today
Stuck! 15 Dec ch

and two more tomorrow...but here's some sneaks of one of them...my puzzle ch for Jan for Scrapbooking from scratch...check it out tomorrow!

OK well we have a party to go to tonight...yes we have a social life....and it's with kids too...so better get ready!

Catch you in 2012!

27 December, 2011

Short post

Just a short post to show you some scrapping I did a few weeks ago when Nathan and I had a weekend away just the two of us. Yep I scrapped! It was raining so I scrapped and he watched the cricket - PERFECT!

Scrap the Boys Dec ch

Show us your Stuff Dec 1st Sketch - I moved the sketch over...I'm hopeless and sticking to a sketch LOL

Scrapbook Savvy Dec quote ch

close up

Beyond the Door Jan sample

Daring you to Scrap Jan sample

A couple more to get done before the end of the month...hopefully these kids will play nice for an hour so I can scrap!

21 December, 2011

Delighted to announce

no I'm not pregnant!!!! trying to go a year without that!!!

I can announce that I am on a CT at....where you ask????

check this out...

18 December, 2011



Can't wait to get stuck into my challenge for January.

Have a great day....Mal

03 December, 2011


As I sit here at another swimming lesson for isobel, she's been going since she was 7 months old and is 5 now, when is it appropriate to say something about her progress?

She can do backstroke really well, can do arms for freestyle well too but the side breathing part she is struggling with.

Is it her? Is it the teacher? Is it bc she's had two weeks off bc of dance photos and concerts?

With her starting prep next year I'm wondering if she should stop swimming but I'm reluctant as she enjoys it and I feel it's very important for safety obviously.

When I talked to her the other day about her activities and school she said she wanted to continue. She knows she's going to get tired next year, that it's going to be a full on year, especially in the beginning.

So I suppose I'll just sit here and keep wondering. See you next week.

Have a great day....Mal