21 February, 2012


SAMANTHA YOUNG is having a giveaway....look at this!

sooooo yummy!

check out her post to see how you can win

I love Sam's stuff....love the bright colours, her paint, use of embies...right up my alley!

16 February, 2012

SO excited....

to FINALLY see the announcement....

Can't wait to showcase this STUFF!!!

From March I will be on the DT!

And in March there's another sale!!!

So watch this space...for pages LADEN with LRR STUFF! and for sneaks of the March sale stock!

05 February, 2012

a bit of scrapping

just two to kick off the month...

white with one - yellow and 3 pics


stuck! 1st feb sketch

 not really sure about this one...like the concept...might give it another go.

04 February, 2012

her first day

yes Isobel started school this year. She was very ready to go! We were all very excited for her to start. In the end she wasn't nervous, she told me she just wanted it to start!

I welled up a bit when in the classroom and saved my tears until I got home. She looked so cute AND so grown up!

So far so good. She has loved school and has a great couple of days.