09 August, 2011

Babies need a manual

Just for some of the stuff, like feeding and sleeping, the two main bits.

So Henry is a big boy, think he's nearly 5kgs and just on 3.5 weeks. He's sleeping well during the day and at night but he's doing 4-6 hours sleep after dinner then feeding 3 hourly after that till breakfast. I know he really can't go longer than 4 or 5 hours yet but how can I get him to do more than 3 hours as I'm just struggling having to get up at least twice in the night?

I was waking him about 10ish.
Lately I've been waiting till 11.
Then yesterday I decided not to let him go more than 4 hours bwn feeds during the day.

He's totally formula now.

Any ideas? Or are you going to just tell me to suck it up mal!!!

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Jasmine S said...

Ok, so I am no expert but....
No. 1 I was anal and had to have a routine and move out of my way if anything got between me, my baby and routine.....(who was I?)
No. 2&3 Well a bit of routine doesn't hurt and I had to wake one after the other fed or I would have been a yo yo trying to feed twins....but they worked themselves into a routine
No. 4. Well she was the best by far because she set the routine. She was woken and fed and slept to suit 3 other boys and kinder and school so she pretty much worked herself into us.....
So my only advice, he is still so young, let him sleep when he wants to and between, you, him and the girls, a routine will form.

Tam said...

At three weeks I'd be feeding three hourly during the day. Jude's only just gone to four hourly at five months.

Xander always did his long stretch from 6.30pm too. It sucked! He hated waking for a dream feed later on. Eventually he stretched out.

The first couple of months feel like they're never going to end, don't they?

Anonymous said...

My experience was pretty much idential to Jasmine's. My #4 was fed on demand, and he set the routine for us. It was all led by him, but you know what, I was a much less stressed Mummy with him than I was with the others. I also agree that at 3 weeks Henry should be on at least 3 hourly feeds. I don't believe they should be stretched out til much later.
In the end though Mal, it's your children. You need to find something that will suit you as well as everyone else in the home. It will all come together, it's just these first few months are tough while everyone adjusts.
Thinking of your sweets!

Amanda Toyer said...

oh Mal I totally feel for you because i know exactly how you feel! It feels relentless but you know it'll be over before you know it. I agree that at 3 weeks he should probably be being feed every 3 hours, not just for him but for your milk supply. If you are sure you want to stop bf and are happy with formula then i would suggest putting him down at 6.30pm to sleep, go to bed at 9pm, have your hubby feed him at 10-11pm and then you should be rested for the middle of the night feed. I hope this helps and remember to take it easy and if you want help to continue bf call the ABA helpline they are ace - 1800 mum2mum is the number if memory serves correct!