13 August, 2011

Thankgoodness for grandparents

I think I'm coping really well with having three kids, the sleep deprivation and all that comes with a newborn. Nathan said today how He though just that. I'm very calm with the kids, I'm not worrying about stuff like mess, jobs or routine. In fact a GF is not coping with having an 11 month old and I was saying today that as I've had each of the kids I've coped more and more.

But from 3:30pm today for the next 2 hours I thought I was going to lose the plot. In fact it was really only 4-5pm!!!

What was wrong you ask??? What caused me to ring my mother 5 times in 2 hours to see where she was and why wasn't she at my house????
My 17 month old that's what!!!

She's adorable yes she is but oh my goodness she is driving me crazy. I can deal with some of the behaviour such as climbing on everything, that's ok, we'll get over that, but the screaming at the top of her lungs is unbearable. Now I know it's just bc she doesn't have words yet but she's also a high maintenance child, highly strung, obstinate child.

Then you couple that with her waking in the night a few times and just wanting to be cuddled and not going back to bed.

It's driving all of us insane.

So thankgoodness for grandparents!! Mum took both e girls last night. I told isobel to stay here and have a quiet night but she wanted to go too, and apparently Beatrix doesn't wake up at night at nanas!

I know it's all a stage. I know her world has been turned upside down with the arrival of Henry, even though it was happening before he arrived. But it has got worse since we moved her into isobel's room and into a different cot. So I'm thinking of moving her back to her room, move Henry into isobel's room and swap cots as well.

Right enough on this issue. My adorable little man has just woken up. Time for a feed and some cuddles.

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Tam said...

Oh darls, I do sympathise! My middlest is three and HAS the words but still chooses to scream at the top of his lungs. Sigh. I know it's just a stage, but can it be over now please?