31 December, 2011


I forgot to change my header!
doh! that means I failed at my task to have a different digi header each month! so close!!!

on another note...i scrapped 3 pages today and 1 yesterday! helps that my style is sooooo minimalistic atm!!!

can only show you one today
Stuck! 15 Dec ch

and two more tomorrow...but here's some sneaks of one of them...my puzzle ch for Jan for Scrapbooking from scratch...check it out tomorrow!

OK well we have a party to go to tonight...yes we have a social life....and it's with kids too...so better get ready!

Catch you in 2012!

27 December, 2011

Short post

Just a short post to show you some scrapping I did a few weeks ago when Nathan and I had a weekend away just the two of us. Yep I scrapped! It was raining so I scrapped and he watched the cricket - PERFECT!

Scrap the Boys Dec ch

Show us your Stuff Dec 1st Sketch - I moved the sketch over...I'm hopeless and sticking to a sketch LOL

Scrapbook Savvy Dec quote ch

close up

Beyond the Door Jan sample

Daring you to Scrap Jan sample

A couple more to get done before the end of the month...hopefully these kids will play nice for an hour so I can scrap!

21 December, 2011

Delighted to announce

no I'm not pregnant!!!! trying to go a year without that!!!

I can announce that I am on a CT at....where you ask????

check this out...

18 December, 2011



Can't wait to get stuck into my challenge for January.

Have a great day....Mal

03 December, 2011


As I sit here at another swimming lesson for isobel, she's been going since she was 7 months old and is 5 now, when is it appropriate to say something about her progress?

She can do backstroke really well, can do arms for freestyle well too but the side breathing part she is struggling with.

Is it her? Is it the teacher? Is it bc she's had two weeks off bc of dance photos and concerts?

With her starting prep next year I'm wondering if she should stop swimming but I'm reluctant as she enjoys it and I feel it's very important for safety obviously.

When I talked to her the other day about her activities and school she said she wanted to continue. She knows she's going to get tired next year, that it's going to be a full on year, especially in the beginning.

So I suppose I'll just sit here and keep wondering. See you next week.

Have a great day....Mal

29 November, 2011

last minute

whipped this up in 20 mins for nov 15 stuck sketch!

28 November, 2011

This week's theme is


Last week was Animals

And the first week was Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I got the idea of a themed play area from Katie Toland (check out her fantastic photography at

Each week I collect everything to do with the theme. Toys, books, DVDs, activity books etc and set it up in the play area. The kids love it. They aren't bored, not sitting in front of the tv, in fact they play for longer and bc there's stuff for all ages and both sexes everyone is happy.

This week was Isobel's choice. Next week will be in the kitchen. Other themes will be babies, fairies, outside.

I normally rotate toys, when I remember but this forces me to do it. All our stuff is stored in our study atm whilst our unit was being built and painted so this has forced me to sort more of it each week. I know Katie sets hers up for a fortnight, mine must have a shorter attention span, they only want it for a week.

How do you keep your toys fresh? Theme?

Have a great day....Mal

21 November, 2011

I've caught the bug

yay! back scrapping...5 layouts in 4 days!

can only show you 3...
The first 3 are using the fantastic AUTHENTIQUE KIT from Scrapbooking from Scratch...I seriously think this is my all time fav kit!!! Boy or Girl, young or old...it's unreal!

look at this

for KRAFT IT UP November...

I loved it until I did the string border...but was trying to do something different with the journalling...different for me...it's missing something but I don't know what...maybe some ink splatters...

Show Us Your Stuff - 1st Challenge - sketch - loving printing my instagram and photobooth pics at home at the moment...

using a MASSIVE lollipop from Charm's Creations...plus some extras from Purple Pumpkin

and the Second challenge at Show Us Your Stuff - using a quote

and a sneak of my sample for Beyond the Door for December
plus I have done my sketch sample for SFS for December....

well scrap stuff is still on the dining table, packed up but still there...but am pretty tired...big day today and just got faster modem today so might watch a movie on new tv.

26 October, 2011

and the last few

Show us your stuff

and one I did for Crystal

and one she did for me

plus i did my WW1 november sample and my sample for SFS for November quote....

now to find time to scrap with kids around!!!

25 October, 2011

more to share

more pages from my scrappy weekend away...

OUT OF THE HAT - using complimentary colours, paper tearing and felt (in the lollipop from Charms Creations)
one just because
Stuck! 1st sketch

24 October, 2011

A scrappy weekend away

Yes I was lucky enough to go away for 3 days child and husband free!!! and I got to scrap with 9 fantastic creative women!!! We stayed at a house that slept 10!! in Barwon Heads. Drank alot, scrapped heaps, ate way too much and laughed and laughed and laughed!!!

Clockwise from me - Bronny Koch, who drove over from Mt Gambier, Crystal Goulding, who flew down from Brisbane, Raquel Pert, Laura Overdyke, Melissa Millar, Marelle Jackman, Leonie Neal-Dawson, Jasmine Shea, and Kerry Murray, who flew over from Adelaide,

It was perfect timing for me, and, I think, everyone else too. I really needed a break. And a full night's sleep lol. Mind you late nights and my body used to getting up early meant I probably got less sleep than when at home, but at least it was 6 or 7 hours straight and not broken.

We're already talking about the next one...perhaps in January sometime!

I scrapped 11 pages which I'm super happy about. Will show them over the next few days.

Scrap the Boys -criteria - handmade embies - love the flower from A Lil Somethin'

Kraft it Up - criteria - one of
* Monochromatic
* Minimalist
* Vintage/Romantic/Shabby Chic

I chose minimalist...i think.

Black with two - criteria - black with BABY PINK AND AQUA

13 September, 2011

Tuesday is shopping day

well online shopping day...so on the menu for the next week is:

Tuesday - Spaghetti carbonara - made enough yesterday for twice

Wednesday - Chicken and mushroom green curry

Thursday - Thai chicken patties

Friday - Marinated chicken drumsticks and fried rice

Saturday - Takeaway

Sunday - Margaret Fulton's Melt in the mouth Beef Casserole

Monday - Pie made with leftovers from casserole

what's on your menu this week?

07 September, 2011

What are we doing Wednesday.

A new regular post from me.
This is what we are up to today

YouTube Video

Playing at the park. Not 18 months old yet and so confident.

Watching and dancing to barbie movie. I feel terrible today-sore throat, achey body, so girls will have a quiet arvo and I can rest.

Feeding, feeding and getting Henry on track with sleeping. Going well so far. He self settled 2/3 sleeps yesterday and his sleeps today. Only did a 45min naps but at least he self settled. Bit frustrating but he'll get it.

Did some baking with both the girls.
weetbix slice for snacks. Isobel, Nathan and I have already made a serious dint in it tonight.

Popping bubble wrap. Hard work for a toddler.

Have a great day....Mal

01 September, 2011

SPRING is sprung

SPRING is here!!!


can't wait to be outside, watch the girls play, have washing dry on the line and a happier household all round!

so I'm joining the 30 day photo challenge...as suggested by Felicity Wilson (her blog is amazing...I love reading it!)

So day 1 - self portrait - this was hard LOL

right off to feed the little man - we're having a much better day today...thanks for all the comments of support...in fact I think things are finally coming together for him...bit of tough love yesterday and he's sleeping much better!!! will enjoy it whilst it lasts LOL

girls are at MIL's for sleep over so about to pick nathan up and head out for dinner...hope the little man behaves himself...

have a good night.

31 August, 2011


Now before I get a whole lot of comments saying hugs mal and don't worry it will end, it's just a stage etc etc. I know all this...I just need to vent.

I didn't want anymore kids, two was enough. I struggled with the sleep deprivation with Beatrix and was very happy after 3.5 months to know I was in my bed for a good 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

I was also happy to see the end of
4 hourly feeds
Etc etc etc

So whilst I do love Henry, and how could I not love this

YouTube Video
I am struggling. I'll admit it, i don't feel like I'm coping very well atm. As each child has come along I have let go of a bit of control when it comes to housework stuff so it's not like I am upset that my house is a mess. In fact I've taken a leaf from another blog I read Tatum Woodroofe's

From Somewhere in my Imagination

Who says

I don't attempt to keep my house spotless at all times, that would be crazy and really wouldn't be fair on the kids...kids are kids and they make mess, trying to keep the house in perfect condition all the time would, to my mind, be nothing short of insanity.

What I'm struggling with is just when you put everything together. And the noise. And having a toddler, who is being a full on toddler. Whinging. Teething. Damn eye teeth.
And then as Nathan says I over analyse things. Like should I premake henry's thickened formula bottles? I didn't last night. Is that why he didn't sleep as long last night? Why isn't he settling during the day? Does he have a reflux? Is the Zantac a help or a hindrance? Etc etc. That's my problem. I overthink things. Lol

And I can't find 30 mins to myself atm. I get to sit on the couch of a night. For about an hour. I should be folding clothes but I just want to sit there. I could scrap then but I want to spend time with Nathan.

I need to scrap. I have DT and CT commitments. But I NEED to scrap, for me.

I'm also over having activities to go to, to drive kids to everyday. We were meant to go to swimming today for isobel but she had a pain in her chest so it didn't take much convincing from her for us not to go. Just couldn't be bothered.

So what am I going to do???

My mum is OS atm which means I don't have the support I normally do during the day. So in 7 weeks she will be home so that will help. And my ILs whilst 40 mins away will take the girls overnight, which they are doing on Thursday and Friday.

And yep in terms of Henry I just have to go with it. It will be over soon. He'll grow out of somethings and if he doesn't we'll just go insane. Haha

Me time? So whilst I was letting Henry cry, doing tizzie hall's method, I scrapped. And I love it. So I'm just going to have to fit it in and not have a nap in the arvo.

And not overthink things. Easier said than done. Lol.

Not really enjoying today. That seems to be a common occurrence these days. But Only 8 to go. Then tomorrow is a new day. Right? Two are asleep ATM. Thankgoodness Henry id sleeping.

Hope you're having a better than me.

28 August, 2011

Some scrapping

yes shock horror...don't know where I found the time...and believe me I want to find some more! struggling atm with no time for ME!

but nonetheless here they are...i love one, and am ok with the other two LOL!

love this one for the 1st BONUS SKETCH AT STUCK!

and this one for the 2nd BONUS SKETCH AT STUCK!
see the blue and orange cogs? how cool are they!!! from A lil somethin'
AND THIS ONE....just some sneaks

as it's my sample for BEYOND THE DOOR for September.
the tag and GREEN paper flower again from A lil somethin'

ALL OF THESE ARE USING THE GORGEOUS BOY AUTHENTIQUE KIT from Scrapbooking from Scratch....only 1 left....get in quick!!!

right...well need to get my WW1 sample done for September....but that might have to wait until tomorrow....oh and my sketch sample for SFS for September!

there's going to be a GREAT SKETCH COMP HAPPENING OVER THERE IN SEPTEMBER-stayed tuned!!!!!

25 August, 2011

Meal plan

Ooopppsss I forgot to post this

Wednesday - ran out of time after playdate at the park so Red Rooster $19.95 chicken chips gravy garlic bread. Pretty good value

Thursday - cutlets with potato gratin and steamed carrots and broccoli

Friday - sausages with mashed potato, carrots and beans

Saturday - Nathan cooked. Slow roasted lamb with roast Veges and mint aoli. Yum.

Sunday - sausages with mashed potato, carrots and beans - had sausages that had to be used

Monday - roast chicken drumsticks in Maggi bag with Veges

Tuesday - slow cooker chicken curry

What's on your menu for next week? I need some ideas lol

Have a great day....Mal

22 August, 2011

The best way to fold clothes

A perfect day in Melbourne today, in fact most of this week is going to be gorgeous.

The girls were playing outside and I didn't want to be stuck inside folding clothes so I took the baskets outside along with the baskets I use to put the kids folded clothes in.

See the white baskets, one for each child.

So I folded two loads already brought in, in the wicker basket and then the load on the line. Brings new meaning to folding straight off the line.

The end result:

Will definitely be doing this again.
I could still chat to the girls, watch them play and enjoy the sun, all whilst doing my job!

Have a great day....Mal

20 August, 2011

I failed

And I can live with that.

I did iron one day and it felt good, but I just couldn't find the time on the other days.

So my goal is to get it done this weekend.

After that there won't be much, as I said I'm not fussy, and I am going to reinstate ironing as Nathan's job. He's going to love that.

Have a great day....Mal

17 August, 2011

Easy week

In more ways than one.

Firstly the girls go to my mil tomorrow arvo for a sleep over and the day there on Friday.

Then Nathan and I are out for bday drinks for my friend bronwyn on Friday night. Am really looking forward to going out. Haven't been out with friends drinking in, um, no idea how long. Could be years if you don't count weddings.

So menu for the coming week is

Wednesday - marinated spicy chicken pieces with Veges

Thursday - no kids, so I'm thinking bento box

Friday - night on the town

Saturday - Nathan will cook

Sunday - zucchini slice

Monday - zucchini slice

Tuesday - chops and Veges, including potato gratin.

What's on your menu this week?
Please post on your blog, then I can borrow ideas.

Last time I shopped I did it for a fortnight. And I'm getting my fruit and Veges (and milk, bread and cheese) delivered again, through Aussie Farmers Direct, which is making life very easy.

If you haven't already guessed it, I'm all about making life easy.

I'll post more things I do, shortcuts I have to make life easier in different areas around the house.

Would love to hear tips you have for meal times, shopping etc.

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16 August, 2011

This was yum

I normally wouldn't condone the use of something other than real spices etc to make a curry what with my background lol, but mum of three, newborn in the house, kids have to eat at a certain time, so some meals can't be out of the gourmet cookbook.

This was sooo yummy.

Much yummier than the McCormicks ones. You could actually taste real spices. I think it's so good bc it's a wet meal base.

Definitely having this again. In fact we're having it tonight lol. Made enough for twice. Yay.

Coles have these meal bases on special atm 3 for $5. Always good to have in the cupboard.

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