30 June, 2011

where did june go?

don't know and don't really care....lol...all i know is when tomorrow kicks over I can say I'm having a baby this month WAHOO!!!

so bit of scrapping last few days to get some DT and CT stuff done!

and one for STUCK! 15TH SKETCH

THE rest you will have to wait until TOMORROW to see!!!


Jasmine S said...

Yep, June went in a puff of smoke. Every day is one day closer to meeting that new bub. YAY.
Love the pink and green together and how adorable is that pic?

Deb said...

what a cute pic, love the colours too! Not long now.

Paula said...

Love your messy layout, brilliant colour combo & love the paint, as well as that large button.
Best wishes for those final days, hope they don't drag too much!

Crystal Goulding said...

Love the bright paint!! Yay not long to go now!!

sandi said...

LOVE this! The pink just 'pops' with the green background! So cute!

Heather Jacob said...

love the pic and the green paint looks awesome .. hugz x