12 August, 2011

I forgot to post our weekly food plan on Wednesday which is when I'll do it bc I have time to plan and shop on a Wednesday morning with only 1 child and we also get our fruit and Veges delivered on a Wednesday arvo.

Wednesday-Katrina and amie from the Block chicken and corn chowder, I used half normal corn half creamed corn



Saturday-Nathan will cook or takeaway

Sunday-whatever we didn't do on Saturday

Monday-chicken curry in SC

Tuesday-either chicken curry if enough or roast chicken and Veges using Maggi roasting bag

Love having our meals all planned out.

Do you menu plan?

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Kerry said...

I'm a fan of menu planning - although mine is a lot looser than that.

I tend to know which meals I am cooking for the week but dont have it planned out by day. I used to daily plan but got stressed when it didnt go to plan. so now I take out whichever meats I'm in the mood for from the freezer.

{I;'m hoping its sunny on the weekend so we can have BBQ pork belly}

Tam said...

Yes! My week always goes a lot smoother if I plan, and I really enjoy cooking dinner if I know what I'm doing and have all the ingredients on hand. My shopping bill is always lower too, because I know exactly what I need. Your week looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Yep, big menu planner here too. I have also started blogging my menu plans too.

My weeks are like yours and often the meals will carry over 2 nights. Also, my week one is usually huge, then week two we will often have some of the week one meals carry over (due to lazy nights or being out).

Linda said...

No menu planning here....but thinking maybe I should!