26 April, 2009


The question needs to be raised....why do I have a blog?

I'm so bad at updating....How long ago did I blog?2.5 months ago...that's shocking! Ok so settle in, here's an update.

1) Work is fine....a few minor issues but nothing I can't sort out IYKWIM.
2) Nath is great. Job is good.

3) Isobel is great. No more crying when we leave her at Day Care (yay). Toilet training all done, she is such a star. She's also moved rooms and is in love with her big bed and new room.

4) We went camping at Cumberland River (Lorne) for Easter. It was out first time camping as a family and whilst it was a bit of hard work, we had a great time, despite the zip on the tent (Dad's tent) busting on Saturday. So we are going to get a new tent with separate rooms, a new mattress (NOT a lilo) for us, a camp stretcher for Isy and a camp stove and we are going to try and go camping at least twice a year as a family. Great, cheap, relaxing holidays!

5)We are on the IVF train again. I won't be writing too much about it as it is such a long process and we are trying to not think about it all the time, let me just say it is going well, I have lost my mind, can't remember things at all, been quite silly but we are definitely on our way to having another baby. The next time I update this blog, hopefully I will be pregnant!

6) Scrapping wise, haven't done a lot! March I only did 4 LOs, no not in a week...in the whole month!!! April has been slightly better.....went to a crop with Bon's - did acouple of LOS there and I am hanging out for the CC over at Bon's this Tuesday, have some great photos to scrap and need a challenge or 2 or 3. Here's my latest stuff.

Have a great week....