30 May, 2008

I got myself a blog!

Well I've done it, I went and got myself a blog! Is it sad that I have succumbed to the pressure...probably.

So what is the purpose of my blog...I want to be able to fill in friends, family etc on our happenings here in our home with our (hopefully soon expanding) family and I also want to be able to share my scrapbooking pages.

I'm not sure how often I will write on my blog, could be weekly, could be monthly...who knows! I'm still working out how to format things, LIKE PICTURES so sorry it's not looking so hot!

Ok, well I am a SAHM to Isobel (we call her Isy) who is 20 months (born set 2006) and wife to DH Nathan. I am a teacher by trade but resigned (or rather accepted a redundancy) from my last job at CGGS at the end of 2006 so now I am home full time.

Nath and I are currently undergoing IVF to have bub#2, after 2 ectopics and 1 m/c last year in 6 months we decided that is what we would do...we just want another baby!!! So I have taken the nasal spray (yuk) and have been on the injections now for 4 days. Have a scan on Monday to see what eggs are like...will update next week when we know more, but hopefully will have egg pickup on Wednesday and embryos on Friday...yay!!! Then wait for two weeks...

I've been quite busy scrapping...
I finished the May 123 challenge (which I won one of the prizes in April),
have done the Guest DT LO for ScrapbooknBits,
did my first CC with ScrapbookDivas
and then with Bon's Scraps, am working on the three challenges for Bon's Scraps, and completed the speed scrapping challenge with PJ at Bon's.

I'm getting excited about the Bonanza at Bon's scraps...check it out, great prizes and really all you have to do is buy product and scrap...how great is that!

Well it's off to do some ironing and scrapping, actually probably just scrapping in preparation for Kelly coming over tonight...have a great weekend and GO TIGERS!