28 January, 2010

Get your game on!!!

yep new comp over at BON'S....seeing as Bon is away in WA for 2 weeks the DT are running a new comp with DAILY challenges, games, bingo, and $50 voucher to use at Bon's is the PRIZE!!!

Game On started TODAY...and I am already chatting like crazy to get points LOL.

Check out ALL the challenges HERE

In other news
*32 weeks today
*starting to retain some fluid:(
*done a little scrapping - about to get off here and do some more:) Not very happy with the first one ...bit hit and miss atm... but like this one LOL
*went to Pt Lonsdale over the weekend.....here's a few photos....will do a proper post over the weekend

16 January, 2010

new post

yep that's the title...nothing fancy....just thought I would do a NEW post....

had a good week....Isobel had swimming everyday which was great for her development and progress but it was NOT good for her behaviour at home...OMG what a terrible week....every night crying etc etc!!! So she has promised that today will be a better day - so far so good!

Scrap wise this is what I have done...

I have the JAN GIRL KIT and wow I think this is my FAV kit ever.

and this is the latest IB sketch which is also the Jan Sketch ch over at Scrapbook Savvy.

and I am now 30 weeks....so only about 9 weeks to go....yay!!! we are all sooooo excited about the bub and can't wait for it to be here. Isobel told me the other day she wants it to come out now! Unfortunately it needs a little more cooking!

BON'S January Cybercrop starts this TUESDAY....check out the timetable HERE. I'm not on the DT now...so watch out girls....I can win bingo again!!!

OK off to pilates and then to Spotlight to get some material to make a skirt...

Have a good day:)

08 January, 2010

Isobel's new room

Well I was in panic mode before Xmas but not ABOUT xmas, but about the mess and furniture that was in the playroom which is to become the baby's room and about redecorating Isobel's room. But what a fantastic husband I have...he worked day and night for 6 days straight and now the playroom is ready to put the baby's stuff in and Isobel has a new room!

Just the one LO to share for the last few days...been very tired...and CLEANING...will definitely scrap this weekend!

Off to the beach for the day today, it's going to be 38 here!

07 January, 2010

Final format and STUCK! Sketches

I think this is my final format...or I may get rid of the spots and ribbons....don't know if they are me! What do you think?

Did I tell you I made the CT of STUCK! sketches??? Love those sketches and applied for the CT and got accepted VERY VERY VERY excited about this!!!....check out the other successful CTers HERE and here is the Sketch for January 2010.

Been scrapping, but very very tired so will upload tomorrow, before we go to the BEACH!

05 January, 2010

New format

what do you think?

I've decided to do a banner each month (stole the idea from CHARMANE KOCH) and then the next year they can be part of a calendar....

and each month I will make the banner out of the kit from BON'S from that month.

So this month, most of the banner is from Bon's Jan Kit....available here

04 January, 2010

Just did this

this arvo....using the JAN GIRL KIT from Bon's....mmmmm love this kit!

and this is only using ONE of the PP plus a small snippet of another textured piece...PLUS i added in some gorgeous BG rubons from Bon's as well...

off to do ANOTHER layout with this kit!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We had a lovely, not too busy, not crazy Christmas and New Year. Lunch at Mum's and then Boxing Day at In Laws.

I got 2 things for Christmas...
this which Nath built for me...isn't it fantastic. We have NEVER had a TV unit in the 11 years we have lived together, just mismatched tables and a jungle of wires!

and a new Canon 450D which I am in love with! and thanks to my sister's boyfriend Andrew I am already in Manual mode, setting ISO etc etc and wow how my photos have changed. Here's a few I love from the last week...

We had Kelly and Jase and their two kids and Mel and Michael and their two kids over for New Year's Eve and had a blast...what a stinker of a night which then turned into a big storm. The kids loved it.

2010 promises to be a great year for us, with us finally completing our family. Don't get me wrong we had a good year in 2009 but we happy to see in 2010.

02 January, 2010

Being crafty.

I swear I did a post yesterday...but obviously I forgot to press POST!

So what's up? What's been happening for the last 6 weeks? Um I am now 28 weeks pregnant, baby is good, very active, getting a bit uncomfortable and HEAVY!

My time as Guest DT over at Bon's has finished:( but now I can enter the comps again YAY! Have you seen the Jan kits - OMGoodness!!! I just ordered the girl one, but could have got the boy one as well...still might! Check them out here.

I am applying for the new DT spot over at Scrapbook Savvy, lots of good scrappers applying so I probably won't get it, but got to be in it to win it hey, and Sar runs a lovely shop and forum over there.

Scrapping wise I've done a fair bit, not too much, and I have only been scrapping when I want to, and I've been very happy with what I've come up with. I've got 6 LOs with SC and SM atm so pretty happy with that.

I've also been doing a lot of sewing, yep you heard correctly. The first thing I made was a dress for Isobel - of course I didn't start with an easy one did I.

Then I made this for Isobel one day and I also made myself a maternity top and a strapless top for NYE. Working on a couple of dresses for me as well atm.

Christmas was great too....but will blog about that tomorrow:)