01 March, 2010

Final weeks

Yep final weeks now of this pregnancy....36.5 weeks now and counting...well I am having a CS so I know when the date is (and so does Nath, Mum and MIL) but apart from that we are keeping it a secret....let's just say in about 3 weeks our little bundle pink or blue will be here!

I'm over it, completely over it....in fact I am trying not to read too much into aches and pains and other PRELABOUR symptoms I've had over the weekend and today! LOL!!!

So apart from waiting for this baby what have I been doing? NESTING, NESTING and MORE NESTING!!!
Sideboard 1 - clean out - DONE
Sideboard 2 - clean out - DONE

Clean backs of curtains and top rails
Coffee table - tidy drawers - DONE

Pantry - redo - DONE
Clean all fronts of cupboards and drawers - DONE
clean inside of kitchen drawers

Cupboard - sort - DONe
Linen cupboard - tidy up DONE
Middle cupboard - bottles out, vases sort, general tidy - DONE

Clean out bag nook - DONE

Wash Isobel's car seat - DONE
install baby capsule
clean rangehood - DONE
clean splashback - DONE
clean top of fridge - DONE

so today I need to pack my suitcase (just in case) and clean the drawers and curtains...

I have done SOME scrapping....I did a heap for Bon's Game On...

here's a few....and there are a couple that I'm not putting up...just shocking!!!

The new STUCK! sketch is up today...check it out!

So that's about it....just hanging out for the new ch's up at Bon's that should go out today! COME ON SANDIE, CHARM, FLIS AND SKYE!!! I actually feel like scrapping!!!

OH and I know I need a new banner...will do one today! Yes I know I missed February LOL!!!