15 October, 2012

September winners!

5 entries that all vied for 1st place this month!
but unfortunately there can only be 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

3rd prize
$15 voucher from 
Scrapbooking from Scratch

Congratulations Kate McCulloch

2nd prize
$15 voucher from 
Red Earth Scrapping

Congratulations Lauren Bell

1st place


Congratulations Melissa Heather

All entries were amazing!
Can't wait to see MORE and MORE and MORE entries for October.
Don't forget to add the October challenge to your to do list. Check it out here.

28 September, 2012

4 days away

scrapping...in NSW...and the SAVVY/DELIGHTS retreat!

Had a great time...awesome retreat...and I did 15 or 16 layouts.

Sandra from Delights organised about 30 challenges to get the mojo going....and I managed 15 of them and coupled the criteria with a few challenge sites...was a bit tough at times to do two lots of criteria at once...but pretty happy with what I did. Even tried a couple of new things...like using punches and more than one piece of PP lol!!!

September 123 - man/men, GREY and metal
can you pick my METAL element? can't scrap without using them....STAPLES lol.

 Scrap the Boys - use this as a base to start from

just perfect for my style of scrapping!

 White with 1  - WHITE+ORANGE+BLACK

Love this colour combo at the moment!

Creative Scrappers sketch #225

that looks like the sketch doesn't it???!!!

I changed the big photo to a group of smaller photos of Beatrix' 2nd birthday.

I'm in love with GESSO at the moment. I used to use a lot of texture paste, but am loving gesso now...just picked up some BLACK GESSO, still have to use it but cant wait. 

Perhaps I'll get to scrap again soon...hopefully next week!

Have a great weekend!

21 September, 2012

School holidays

I do love school holidays. Luckily my kids are young and happy to potter at home, playing together inside and out. But on occasion they do need a little entertainment.

Last holidays we used the idea of making a list at the start of everything we wanted to do and used it as a checklist. It was a great idea. We kept it on the fridge and whilst we didn't get it all done it was great to have a list for the kids to look at and say "I'm going to....play Lego, do dressups, have a friend over, watch a movie, write a book, draw a picture, have a sleepover at nana's. "

These holidays we have borrowed some lists from others.

100 school holiday activity ideas

100 ideas!!! Will be doing some of these.

And this one

Isobel and I just looked at this and she was very excited with this one.

Working 2 days a week and having Isobel's birthday and party in these holidays means we don't have too many free days but hopefully the weather will be good and we can spend time together doing things we don't always have time to do.

are you looking forward to the school holidays?

24 August, 2012

the amazing race

scrapbooking style....

I'm signed up!!!

and can't wait to get started on sept 1....

I need to be pushed a bit in my scrapping...and need some deadlines!

Head over to 



22 August, 2012

a new challenge

over at SCRAPFRIENDS...awesome sketch....very me!

I do love this page, and thanks to Jasmine Shea who suggested the hints of pink, yes you were right it does finish off the page!

21 August, 2012

another 123 challenge

awesome again this month...

just perfect for me...

In love with texture paste right now, use it everywhere on everything. An gauze, love it!

And no titles, or handwritten ones...just me being lazy probably lol

20 August, 2012

a scrappy weekend away....

with 8 other lovely women...lots of laughter, drinks, food and amazingly lots of scrapping...I think I did 9 or 10 pages plus a canvas. Pretty happy with that.

Quite like this page...except the gauze isn't the one I normally use so it looks a bit like a wet cloth lol. But do like the bits and pieces that tell the story of what happened that day.

Back tomorrow with more.

09 August, 2012


yep I'm a list maker....I make lists, add to lists, lists on envelopes, lists in a book, lists on my reminder app on my phone, on the To Do app on my phone, lists on a special list pad, lists at work... I make lists everywhere.

This week's list

and I'm linking up with Tam Milborn's List Lovers link up at Somewhere Around Here...each week there's a LIST PROMPT. This week is Lists I Make...

And I'm proud to say only 6 left (out of 13) from my list already...nothing like a list to make you productive.

And now to do something that's NOT on my list (but I'll go and add it so I can cross it off when I've done it LOL! Do you do that?) making Lemon Slice (thanks Tam for the recipe) and Sausage rolls for tomorrow night's dinner.

22 July, 2012

First Love letter

I just had to scrap Isobel's first love letter!

Purple, the word MY and CHEVRON.....that was the criteria at 123 Challenge for July, so I gave it a ago.

I'm in love with those alphas, love the natural look they give to a layout.
And whilst I don't normally like PURPLE I love how it goes with the ORANGE used in the love letter. I think I will fold up the love letter and tuck it behind the photo so it is safe.

Do you scrap your kids notes or work?

31 May, 2012

and some more

I am so slack with entering my los in the comps I do them for...

no idea what this was for lol

but it is using a CHARMS star...which I am addicted to! lol

A new fav

and I nearly missed showing you...

for 123 MAY

what do you think?

03 May, 2012

A reminder to myself

slow down mummy, there is no need to rush,
slow down mummy, what is all the fuss?
slow down mummy, make yourself a cup tea.
slow down mummy, come spend some time with me.
slow down mummy, let’s pull boots on for a walk,
let’s kick at piles of leaves, and smile and laugh and talk.
slow down mummy, you look ever so tired,
come sit and snuggle under the duvet, and rest with me a while.
slow down mummy, those dirty dishes can wait,
slow down mummy, let’s have some fun - bake a cake!
slow down mummy, I know you work a lot,
but sometimes mummy, it’s nice when you just stop.
sit with us a minute,
and listen to our day,
spend a cherished moment,
because our childhood won’t stay!

made me cry...must remember this EVERYDAY....think I'll make it my phone screensaver as sometimes I think I pay IT more attention than I do my kids...not true....but could be!

taken from http://lovecancomeinbottlestoo.tumblr.com/post/19178849458/slow-down-mummy-there-is-no-need-to-rush-slow

30 April, 2012

a weekend of scrapping

2 months really? since I blogged???? how slack. my excuse has been I've been shedding 12 kgs....yep 12kgs...so exercise and eating right have taken over my mindset and my TIME...and sadly scrapping and blogging and most other stuff has taken a back seat.

But the inaugural SCRAP AND CHAT RETREAT was held on the weekend just passed and I must say it was a great weekend. 26 ladies all scrapping, eating, drinking, laughing, chatting, running, well Jasmine Shea and I went for a run each day, we had to to combat the ridiculous amount of food consumed!

So I only managed 11 layouts, one which was a blind scrap run by the owner of SFS herself Peta Macbeth.

Here are a couple of the layouts. The rest I will share over the next few days.

Stuck! 15 April sketch

Anna's Craft Cupboard sketch

and retreat photos will follow.

and it's on AGAIN NEXT YEAR, same time hopefully, last weekend in April, with a three night option. Spots will be limited, smaller retreat under 30 people so it will be first in with deposit best dressed.

21 February, 2012


SAMANTHA YOUNG is having a giveaway....look at this!

sooooo yummy!

check out her post to see how you can win

I love Sam's stuff....love the bright colours, her paint, use of embies...right up my alley!

16 February, 2012

SO excited....

to FINALLY see the announcement....

Can't wait to showcase this STUFF!!!

From March I will be on the DT!

And in March there's another sale!!!

So watch this space...for pages LADEN with LRR STUFF! and for sneaks of the March sale stock!

05 February, 2012

a bit of scrapping

just two to kick off the month...

white with one - yellow and 3 pics


stuck! 1st feb sketch

 not really sure about this one...like the concept...might give it another go.

04 February, 2012

her first day

yes Isobel started school this year. She was very ready to go! We were all very excited for her to start. In the end she wasn't nervous, she told me she just wanted it to start!

I welled up a bit when in the classroom and saved my tears until I got home. She looked so cute AND so grown up!

So far so good. She has loved school and has a great couple of days.