11 February, 2009

An apology

Honesty is the Best policy!

I want to apologise to Christine Millar....my first ever published LO was in CP this week and I have to apologise to Christine as the work was not solely mine. I did not know that the LO she did for a class for Scrapping with CF was copyrighted and I thought that if I changed some of the work then it would be ok to publish the work.


I really didn't know I was doing something fraudulent and have written to CP to ask for a retraction to be printed as well as talking to Christine and apologising.

I feel absolutely awful about this and am preparing myself for the ramifications. I know that I may lose some scrapping friends over this but I need to post this apology to try and make things up to Christine.

06 February, 2009

from now on...

I'm going to blog every friday!

Life's good....Isy is happy, in a big bed now and toilet trained...Nath is very busy at work, but enjoying it and I am happy at SMF/TMF working 2 days a week and about to go back to uni next week.

Scrapping wise, I'm pacing myself, using up old stuff,not buying new stuff (except for Bon's kits of course) and happy with where I am at.

Here's some of my latest work...can't show y0u one LO though, it got snapped up by Creative Paper YESTERDAY:)

And of course here is the latest photo of Isy....I love it....taken by the very very talented Dannii Best of Kipindi Photography...check out her amazing work here