25 August, 2011

Meal plan

Ooopppsss I forgot to post this

Wednesday - ran out of time after playdate at the park so Red Rooster $19.95 chicken chips gravy garlic bread. Pretty good value

Thursday - cutlets with potato gratin and steamed carrots and broccoli

Friday - sausages with mashed potato, carrots and beans

Saturday - Nathan cooked. Slow roasted lamb with roast Veges and mint aoli. Yum.

Sunday - sausages with mashed potato, carrots and beans - had sausages that had to be used

Monday - roast chicken drumsticks in Maggi bag with Veges

Tuesday - slow cooker chicken curry

What's on your menu for next week? I need some ideas lol

Have a great day....Mal

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Kerry said...

Well I dont plan by day - just a weekly thing so this week its

Spag Bol
Chicken cacciatore
tuna mornay ? or lasagna - something baked
butterfly pork {prob marinade on the BBQ}
Mexican {tacos and burritos}
Roast chicken with cauli cheese and sticky date pudding {Sun roast}.
I think tomorrow chicken sausages with mash and veg {kids request}