17 August, 2011

Easy week

In more ways than one.

Firstly the girls go to my mil tomorrow arvo for a sleep over and the day there on Friday.

Then Nathan and I are out for bday drinks for my friend bronwyn on Friday night. Am really looking forward to going out. Haven't been out with friends drinking in, um, no idea how long. Could be years if you don't count weddings.

So menu for the coming week is

Wednesday - marinated spicy chicken pieces with Veges

Thursday - no kids, so I'm thinking bento box

Friday - night on the town

Saturday - Nathan will cook

Sunday - zucchini slice

Monday - zucchini slice

Tuesday - chops and Veges, including potato gratin.

What's on your menu this week?
Please post on your blog, then I can borrow ideas.

Last time I shopped I did it for a fortnight. And I'm getting my fruit and Veges (and milk, bread and cheese) delivered again, through Aussie Farmers Direct, which is making life very easy.

If you haven't already guessed it, I'm all about making life easy.

I'll post more things I do, shortcuts I have to make life easier in different areas around the house.

Would love to hear tips you have for meal times, shopping etc.

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Dannii said...

Yay to make life easier, I try and do that wherever possible too. I still shop weekly, but my first weeks shop is a lot bigger than the second, and so the second when money is tight is a lot less stressful.
My tips for shopping with kids.... I shop at Aldi, which I find less stressful as there is less choice, and it's smaller so quicker to get around. I don't pack my bags in Aldi though, I get the kids in the car, strapped in with a snack in hand and then I pack the bags straight into the car. I find that I am less stressed with them running around into people if I do it this way.

Jasmine S said...

I am actually going to give AFD a go too. My SIL does it and said it was great. I try to go the fruit and veg show but dont do it often enough and end up spending a fortune at Coles.
Have a great night out Friday.
P.S. In response to FB: Maybe Emma and I can drive over one weekday for a cuppa to finally meet.....

Sue said...

Mmmmm...zucchini slice. I haven't made that in ages, might have to do one too now! As far as quick, easy meals go, my fam just love pasta bake (and I can hide HEAPS of veg in it!) I use a Dolmio's tomato & mozzarella pasta bake sauce (my fave one), then just fry up diced onions, chicken breast & bacon (can also use salami or chorizo), add in whatever veges I have on hand (all finely chopped or grated) - usually zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, broccoli, etc. Stir through the sauce & cooked pasta, sprinkle with cheese & chuck it in the oven for 15 mins. Voila! (Never fails to get eaten by my fussy eaters!) :-)

Rebekkah said...

Hmm.. love AFD, as you say makes life easy and i also shop online at coles - have done since Trin was born as she can be quite a handful now with Dawson in tow.I go to the prahan market once a month for my meat and freeze it.
As for household things, i just get done what i can when i can, as it can be quite stressful otherwise. Mopping is done on a friday nite as Daz gets up to the kids the next morning and the floor is dry and clean by then.
Mealtimes - like clock work atm, dawsons puree is done at 4.30pm Trins is at 5.30, followed by bath, playtime and quiet time on the couch with dad. He puts her to bed at 6.30 and i have dinner on the table by 7.00.
On the days she has creche she is usually so tired that she all she wants is her bed..
Dawsons bath is at 7.30 and then its a bottle and bed all by 8.00pm.. it may change but its working well for now. Good luck with your shortcuts.. :)
Bek xx