28 November, 2011

This week's theme is


Last week was Animals

And the first week was Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I got the idea of a themed play area from Katie Toland (check out her fantastic photography at

Each week I collect everything to do with the theme. Toys, books, DVDs, activity books etc and set it up in the play area. The kids love it. They aren't bored, not sitting in front of the tv, in fact they play for longer and bc there's stuff for all ages and both sexes everyone is happy.

This week was Isobel's choice. Next week will be in the kitchen. Other themes will be babies, fairies, outside.

I normally rotate toys, when I remember but this forces me to do it. All our stuff is stored in our study atm whilst our unit was being built and painted so this has forced me to sort more of it each week. I know Katie sets hers up for a fortnight, mine must have a shorter attention span, they only want it for a week.

How do you keep your toys fresh? Theme?

Have a great day....Mal

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Catie said...

what a fabulous idea! think I might have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing Mal. xo