02 January, 2012

My top 10

for 2011... did I do 10 layouts in 2011! Of course I did, mind you most of them were when I was pregnant with Henry so they don't even come into consideration....what happens to your scrapping when pregnant....shocking!

So my top 10 are, in no particular order

When they asked me...

Sleeping like a baby
Dare to be different

Scooter Girl


Slip Slop Slap

Born 8:18am

Dancing with friends

Toot Toot

Funny Faces
I think i have a definite style!!! and it hasn't changed much over the year!

which is my fav??? tough one!
I love them all for different reasons...and surprisingly most of them were picked up for publication by either CK, SM or SC this year.

Which one is your fav?

Now should I show you the bottom 10 of 2011? I don't think so!!!


Deb said...

It's great to look back over the year. Love the Dare to be Different one. Have a wonderful 2012.

Felicity said...

Mal.. you sure can pick your style.. I love how you do the paint swiping. NOw a fav..the slip slop slap.. but I do love them all.
Enjoy your afternoon

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Great work! I think my fave is "Scooter Girl"! They are all fab though! :D