06 January, 2012

I've made a decision

An important one too. Well to me. You might not think it's important. I know my mother in law and my sister in law won't. But to me it is.

Every year I say I'm going to stay on top of something and every week I fail, not every month not every year but every week. It piles up and up and up. Until it constantly looks like this.

Yep the ironing.

So I've decided. I'm not having an ironing basket. I've put it all away. I've hung it up. All 30odd pieces of ironing. Clothes we haven't worn in months. The only thing left, hanging in the laundry are Nathan's shirts which he irons either on a Sunday or each day.

I feel like a massive weight, a huge pressure has been lifted off my shoulders. No longer is ironing on my daily to do list. When we need something to be ironed I'll iron it.

My laundry is uncluttered. And I feel great.

Have a great day....Mal


Peta said...

thats what we do Mal - if we need it we iron it....

and well done on making your decision xxx

Chloe :-) said...

Yep - good on you! That's exactly how I approach our ironing. That and not buying clothes that NEED ironing!! LOL :-)

Amanda said...

Great decision!!!! I'm a hanger and folder. I used to iron my kids clothes (before I had the third child that is)... Never looked back since I stopped! Hang and fold things immediately and mostly they don't even need an iron! Power and time to you now!

Jo Kinder said...

Exactly what we do to Mal :)
What a relief huh??!!

And screw the MIL & SIL, if they have a problem with your decision, they can do the ironing for you!!!

Good on you!!

Becci Sundberg said...

WTG! I only iron our cotton shirts which only get worn for good anyways.
I do have a bit of a pile there though so I must try to tackle it this week.
I don't buy clothes that need ironing and I fold clothes off the clothes line to stop them from getting creased too.

Monique said...

Good on you Mal - why chain yourself to an ironing basket when you have children to look after?

Monique said...

Good on you Mal - why chain yourself to an ironing board when you have small children to look after?

Anne P said...

You go girl. That is what I do. If it doesn't need ironing then it just does not happen. Hubby irons his own shirts and the boys school shirts get the once over on a Sunday night, but other than that, who needs it :)

Fiona said...

Yep, I iron as required too. It just gets all crumpled in the wardrobe.

HarmonySweetpea said...

I never iron but we have a spare bed piled up with 'ironing' which hubby occasionally does for himself. If I have something that needs an iron, I have a bad habit of trying to use my hair straightener while wearing it haha So good for you!

Nicolee said...

when we moved into this house, I could never figure out why you would put a clothes hanging rail in the hallway cupboard??? .... NOW I LOVE IT!! When we move, we will put one in, all the washing goes on the line on hangers, then they go straight into the hallway cupboard when dry...then if they need an iron I"ll do it....if not, straight into persons cupboard! Never had an ironing basket since! Luv it!! Good for you Mal! Time is precious....make the most of it!

Rebekkah said...

Thats a good idea.
I dont iron much unless Darrel needs a shirt done. I know it just sits there and sometimes when i go to the laundry cupboard, i wonder if it still works..LOL!
You dont need extra pressures in life!
Take Care
Bek xxxxooo

Amanda Toyer said...

life is way too short to iron clothes! Esp. kids clothes! Great decision - now what you gonna do with all that time?

Heather said...

That's so funny about the ironing pile. Guess what I did yesterday? The exact same thing! I cleaned out my linen cupboard, where the ironing pile was threatening to take over completely, and just folded everything away. It was almost all DH's shirts, but they are now all hanging in his cupboard and he will iron them when he needs them.

Oh, I totally agree, what a weight off! Wish I'd done it years ago. :-)