16 January, 2012


yep I'm doing it!


13kgs to lose...which will put me at my lightest in my adult life...I originally was going to go for 8kg but what the heck hey might as well put something there that I REALY want not what I'd be satisfied with.

I've seen a few of my friends do the program and the transformation IN and OUT has been amazing. Not just weight loss, it's also about changing your mindset, eating for the right reasons.

So today is day 1 of Pre-season. But for the past 10 days since I registered I've been slowly changing some habits such as making exercise a priority and watching what I eat. I'm still not completely changed, I still eat stuff I shouldn't but I'm at least conscious of it. And I'm doing the C25K running program and am up to week 3 day 3....it's hard but wow what a workout. We have to burn an extra 500cals a day 5 days a week...and the running doesn't quite get me there so I have to do another 10-15 mins...so 45 mins in total! Plus on a Saturday we have to do 1000cals...so I've joined up with a local group through FB who train at Duncan Mckinnon. I'm sooooo sore after Saturday's session. But feel good too.

Will blog about my progress each week...and at the end we go to Bali, so a huge reward for all the hard work!!!

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Josie Dean said...

Mel I'm doing it again! Round 3 for me!! Love it! I'm sure you will too!!