19 January, 2012

I dare you

I love reading Fox in Flats blog posts. She's a mum of two who had fallen into a fashion rut.

Fox in flats is - a place to share ideas, tips and inspiration on looking stylish and feeling good, even while deep in the trenches of motherhood.
It's created by mums who are going through, or have been through, the fashion challenges associated with taking care of kids. 

I've overhauled my wardrobe in light of her 13 wardrobe essentials every mother can't do without and I must say I am never stuck with what to wear each day.

I also follow the 4 minute face when you're fighting for time - best thing ever the eye lash curler!

So this week is the SCARF DARE. Yep so out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a go yesterday...and what a response...comments all positive, from people at work, on FB when I posted my pic

and I must say I felt great, special, like I'd made an effort to look good.

So do you ever wear scarves? No? well then take a risk, check out the DARE or just head on over to Fox in Flats and be inspired to get dressed everyday.

1 comment:

Ness said...

I would love to do something like this .. but alas all my scarves are of the wooly variety and would look rather odd in my hair ... yours looks gorgeous!