05 January, 2012

All gone

Yep christmas is all packed up at our house.

It was a nice Christmas. I wasn't stressed or rushed. That was good.

Now to get Nathan to put all the boxes in the roof. Sometime in the next week!!!

Next christmas we're getting a real tree. We all decided that we love the smell of a real tree. So a real tree next Christmas it is!!!

Before then I need more of these

I got them from one of those mags that get left on your porch. Great for holding all the lights. Makes putting them on very easy, no tangles.

Right now on to putting all the xmas presents/toys away....where do I start?

Have a great day....Mal

1 comment:

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Hi Mal! We've packed Chrissy up too - did it yesterday. Hey those mags do have some really great products! Like some of the stuff in them are like "I can't believe they've though of that!" - like so simple but so useful!!! And why hasn't it caught on in the mainstream shops! This product is a beauty! I hope you have a great year and enjoy your holiday this year in Bali! :)