24 June, 2008

The next stage

Well after writing my last post I found out that our first go at IVF wasn't successful:( Didn't really have time to feel sorry for myself as Isobel got sick and proceeded to have a vomiting spell that lasted 12 hours through the night...that was fun.

So, now we are doing a Thaw cycle...so in about 2 weeks perhaps less we will thaw the little blighter we have on ice (great way of putting it isn't it) and transfer. Then we will play the waiting game again!

I'm ok actually. I can't control what has happened I just have to think positively and look to the future. I also look at our gorgeous daughter and remember how lucky I am. Some people aren't half as lucky as I am...I am very grateful for my life, I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, a fantastic daughter, a warm and loving home and great family and friends.

Scrapping wise, I've done a bit. I've done a lot over at Bon's Scraps. I did the layout 3RD TIME LUCKY for the week 2 challenge. There was a blind challenge where I did FAMILY PHOTOS - love this LO and I also just did Challenge Bon #7 LONDON 1999.

I want to get more scrapping done this week. I got so
oooo much yummy stuff from Funkstreet Designs and I've hardly used any of it. I've got birds, flowers, owls, new alphas....mmmmm soooo yummy! There is a great class tomorrow night using the kit I bought so I am looking forward to that.

I also did the cybercrop over at 123 Challenge...what a night...I won 2 (yes 2) lots of Bingo...wahoo!!!! and now I am working on the challenges. I've done the first one,
MMMM FOOD, not 100% happy with it but I've been pondering over these photos for ages so it's nice to get them scrapped.

No other news here...Nath is pretty busy at work and of course Isobel is still as great as usual. Her vomiting didn't last long and she was back to her happy self within 24 hours (thank goodness!!!).

Thanks again for the well wishes and support...oh couldn't leave without the latest photo of Isy! Her first haircut and she was such a good girl.


Charmane said...

Hi Malinda!

Sorry to hear the IVF didn't work this time round - but don't give up! Wishing you all the best xoxo

You have such a gorgeous DD and when it happens it will happen for you again!

Love Charmane

Ceci said...

Good luck with the next cycle Malinda. xx (By the way you have been tagged, please check my blog for details!) :)