14 June, 2011

been a bit slack

yes I have when it comes to blogging...but then again I haven't done ALOT of scrapping either, until the long weekend...I have done a few canvas'
This was week 2 of the SHE ART course

and this one is for SCRAP AND CHAT RETREATS....which I have started.
then there's been some DT/CT samples for June

firstly the JUNE Sketch for Scrapbooking from Scratch - - using the SFS Echo Park Dots and Stripes Kit.
I must admit I left this until the last minute...and whipped it up in about 30 mins...can you tell LOL.

Next is my CT sample for Beyond the Door - using the SFS Echo Park Dots and Stripes Kit.
and last but not least was my White with 1 sample for June....red, spots or circles and white of course. I had done another one but I used too much black so had to do another...fair enough hey. I do love this one...another I did in 30 mins...and a portrait one too...amazing!
Right well what did I do on the long weekend...apart from deal with a terrible toddler...who is teething...and who has a rash on her torso...we think it's viral, i scrapped!

You HAVE to get one...I've done 4 layouts now and have enough still for another 4...plus I did a card as well...but forgot to take a pic. There's also a BOY version.

So this is the 1st June Sketch over at STUCK!

and this is for Black with 2 - teal, string and black of course
ok that's it from me...Beatrix has had a shocking day...I don't want to relive it...but i'm off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day...thank goodness!


Nicolee said...

so sorry you've been having a tough time with ur lil angel! it will pass....I promise!
luv what you've been up to, great LOs.... even ur 30 min ones...oh if only I could scrap in 30 mins! ;D
x great stuff my friend!

donna said...

you are rocking those spots and Paint Mal! they are all gorgeous!
I hope you have a better day with Beatrix tomorrow babe xx

aussiescrapper said...

Oh you poor girl, I can only vaguely remember my sleeping whilst Nate had teething, I know that SM33 helped heaps, but wow you can still create such magic with your layouts, wowsers, have a good night sleep, and yes tomorrow is another day but you are amazing, superwoman comes to mind, each and every layout her is magnificent. You inspire me my friend. Melxx

Jasmine S said...

I am just watching the last bits of week 2 myself. I just want to She Art all day everyday. I find it hard to go back to a LO after watching her videos.
And how clever are you whipping up a LO in 30 mins. They are all fab. Your papers and paints always pop together.
Have a good nights sleep.

Narelle said...

Some great creations there!
Love your BW2 entry!

Lauren said...

These are all just devine Mal! Love your canvas - I have resisted the urge so far to have a go but now I may just be tempted.

Hope your little one improves! ;)

Deb said...

hope Beatrix is having a better day. Love the canvas. Love the WW1 layout - gorgeous. Take care xx

sandi said...

Wow! Awesome, awesome lo's! Love them all. Fantastic style!

Monica said...

Oh my Goodnesss - I feel your pain!! My 10 month old is teething atm and we are getting very little sleep.....Hoping those little suckers come through for both our babies quickly ;0)
I just love your designs!! I love the use of paint in your work - wish I could do that!


love your work .. you talented bunny you!!