03 December, 2010

December daily...

well I WASN'T going to do one...but those girls over at BONS SCRAPS, Charmane Koch, Felicity Wilson, Leonie Neal-Dawson and Tara Scobie - well they've gone and inspired me!!!

Only photos so far...will get an album out this weekend and start!
1st Dec
no pics - just got the xmas tree down and all the stuff that goes with it...can't find the advent calendar tree:(

2nd Dec

Sticky beak! has to watch/see everything that is going on!


Leonie said...

oh that Pic of Isobel is stunning Mal. Glad you've been inspired, it's a great project, you'll be so pleased when you have a month of pics in one little album.

Ceci said...

Aww how cute is she! Love the layouts below too. :)

Em said...

cute pics Mal.. and B is growing so fast!!