21 September, 2012

School holidays

I do love school holidays. Luckily my kids are young and happy to potter at home, playing together inside and out. But on occasion they do need a little entertainment.

Last holidays we used the idea of making a list at the start of everything we wanted to do and used it as a checklist. It was a great idea. We kept it on the fridge and whilst we didn't get it all done it was great to have a list for the kids to look at and say "I'm going to....play Lego, do dressups, have a friend over, watch a movie, write a book, draw a picture, have a sleepover at nana's. "

These holidays we have borrowed some lists from others.

100 school holiday activity ideas

100 ideas!!! Will be doing some of these.

And this one

Isobel and I just looked at this and she was very excited with this one.

Working 2 days a week and having Isobel's birthday and party in these holidays means we don't have too many free days but hopefully the weather will be good and we can spend time together doing things we don't always have time to do.

are you looking forward to the school holidays?

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