09 August, 2012


yep I'm a list maker....I make lists, add to lists, lists on envelopes, lists in a book, lists on my reminder app on my phone, on the To Do app on my phone, lists on a special list pad, lists at work... I make lists everywhere.

This week's list

and I'm linking up with Tam Milborn's List Lovers link up at Somewhere Around Here...each week there's a LIST PROMPT. This week is Lists I Make...

And I'm proud to say only 6 left (out of 13) from my list already...nothing like a list to make you productive.

And now to do something that's NOT on my list (but I'll go and add it so I can cross it off when I've done it LOL! Do you do that?) making Lemon Slice (thanks Tam for the recipe) and Sausage rolls for tomorrow night's dinner.


Tam said...

Yay! Thanks for linking up - I'm glad you're a crazy list lover like me ;)

Ali said...

im definitely a list lover too! :) i have them everywhere around the house!