26 April, 2011

Easter 2012

The annual Cumberland River Easter camping trip was on again this Easter weekend...great time was had by all...weather wasn't great, but wasn't bad either.

It was hard this time...Beatrix couldn't be left to her own devices and my pelvic instability was bad!
Here Beatrix is HELPING Mark fix one of the camp stoves.

Kids had a ball. Whilst there Isobel decided to try riding with no training wheels.
So she went from this

to this
in TWO minutes...that's it!!! and hasn't looked back! what a STAR!!!

I did scrap 3 LOs...

here's a sneak of two...
just realised I missed 3 extra criteria for this one...better go and fix it up HAHA
both of these are SAMPLES for NEWS i have on 1st May.

and then this one for PENCILLINES sketch 231 for April
right...well I have a shocking cold...so going to lie down! hope you are all enjoying the long long weekend.


Crystal Goulding said...

Wonder what this news could be??? Woohoo Is on no training wheels!

Jasmine S said...

Gotta love camping, nature and just chilling out.
Fab photos, love the sneaks and love the touch of green in Moomba.
Hope you feel better soon.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh just loved seeing these wonderful photos Mal and cannot believe you got these beautiful layouts completed. I just love your gorgeous style and hope your cold goes away soon. Melx

kerry said...

Looks like you had fun Mal and cant wait to see what you have for the new Dt take care Kerry xx

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time! Hope you feel better soon. Take care, Deb xx

raquel said...

Looks like you had a ball, Well done for the no training wheels!! Loving the moomba layout, looking forward to hearing your May news.

Ceci said...

Sounds like you found the camping not entirely relaxing this time, but it's good that she mastered the bike so quickly! And you got some great photos.:)