11 November, 2010

we love


Yep as a family we love to go camping...we started a couple of years ago. Our first try was not fun, everything went wrong...but now we are decked out in all the gear we need...self erecting tent, proper mattress for us and camp beds for the girls...and tubs tubs and more tubs...all labelled and full of what we need...plus chairs, warm and cold weather clothes and of course bikes and scooters.

So we went camping last weekend, at Cowes Caravan Park in Phillip Island, with two other families, The Roberts, Kell, Jase, Jade and Josh

and The Rossato's, Mel, Michael, Nicholas and Olivia

and Kell's Mum and Dad, Judy and Michael also joined us, Perfect spot and perfect weather!

The kids were perfect too...they just played, rode their scooters and bikes, played in the playground at the camping ground or hung out at the beach - the camping ground was on the beach. And of course the parent sat in the sun, drank wine and beer, read mags and the newspaper and watched the kids hoon around.

Does it get any better than this?


Leonie said...

No Mal sounds like that's as good as it gets. Camping is so much fun looking forward to our camping trip over christmas holidays.

kerry said...

Camping looks like fun and so love all the layouts that you did at the retreat fab Take care Kerry xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Chantal said...

Looks great! The self-erecting tent sounds like a winner!!! :D