06 February, 2009

from now on...

I'm going to blog every friday!

Life's good....Isy is happy, in a big bed now and toilet trained...Nath is very busy at work, but enjoying it and I am happy at SMF/TMF working 2 days a week and about to go back to uni next week.

Scrapping wise, I'm pacing myself, using up old stuff,not buying new stuff (except for Bon's kits of course) and happy with where I am at.

Here's some of my latest work...can't show y0u one LO though, it got snapped up by Creative Paper YESTERDAY:)

And of course here is the latest photo of Isy....I love it....taken by the very very talented Dannii Best of Kipindi Photography...check out her amazing work here


Sam said...

Love your LO's Mal :)

I really love Dannii's photos.. looking forward to having some taken by her in April

Michelle said...

Love your layouts Mal :-)

I like the inspiration I get from you :-)

Peta said...

awesome work Mal

Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Mal your LO's are going from strength to strength, love everything on your pages at the MO !!

Gorgeous Piccy aswell of Isy x

Giovanna said...

hey Mal!! Love the layouts, just lovely colours xx
Isy is gorgeous with the long fringe!!!! Dannii is amazing. Can't wait to meet her.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Malinda,
Could you please email me at cmmillar@optusnet.com.au to discuss the layout you have published in Creative Paper this month.
Thank you,
Chris Millar.

Jane Smith said...

Hi Malinda, thought I'd pop by...love your layouts..have a great week. J.s.