30 March, 2011

Possibe retreat place

yep i visited a place today!

Now for those of you who hang out at CWC I went and visited a possible retreat place for next year's retreat in last weekend April/first weekend May.
What do you think?
The Country place
cost is no more than $350 and minumum numbers would be 30...The place looks fantastic and the food amazing, I saw lunch whilst there...and was also served morning tea...yummo! accomodation was also great! Website doesn't do the place justice which is a pity!
If you don't already have your name down then head on over to CWC here and put your name down!


Peta said...

looks pretty good Mal - cant wait for more details

Sara said...

Looks great Mal. Make it the last weekend in April though cos my boy's birthday is the first weekend of May lol.

raquel said...

Mal - I have been to a retreat here and it was brilliant!! Good food good facilities nice rooms I would def recommend it!!!

kerry said...

mal loks awesome count me in take care Kerry xx

Bec said...

Oooo! This is near me!!!
It is a lovely place!!

Crystal Goulding said...

Looks nice - but you know I'd come anyway!!