24 October, 2010

QLD - warning - picture overload

YEAH so much for beautiful one day perfect the next!!! it rained non stop for 4 days, we were house bound! and Melbourne had beautifull HOT weather!

So yes we went to Stradbroke Island for 11 days, spent the first 4 inside....the girls were soooooooo good...just perfect! They just played and slept, and watched tv...just angels....Nath and I were going insane being inside! I did manage to scrap 3 LOs and start a fourth!

So that was friday-Monday...Tuesday we decided to get out, caught the ferry to the mainland and went to Seaworld...we had a great time...but wow what a rip off!!!

Then Wednesday - Saturday we spent on and off at the beach, not hot enough for me to actually go for a swim, but I did get in up to my waist.

Sunday we left and went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in St Lucia in Brisvegas. That was great. I think they loved having us stay, especially the girls! A big thank you to them for their hospitality.

Monday was home time...and whilst we had a lovely time away it was nice to come home! I do love our home!

Now I will be making a blog post on either tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning...I have an announcement!


Tara said...

AWESOME pics mal, love the one of the girls with their sunnies on :-)

Kerry said...

oh love the pics - looks like you had a great time in spite of the weather.
And an announcement - how exciting. Cant wait ;)

Peta said...

GREAT pics Mal - looks like you made the most of your holiday.... :)

Nicolee said...

ooooo preggers Mal? LOL
looking forward to hearing your announcement! x
btw: great holiday photos...looks like you had a relaxing time despite the rain!

Monique said...

Wow - so sorry you had such terrible weather, can't be perfect all the time!! Haha!!

LOVE all your photos - can't wait see you work your scrappy magic!!

Jasmine S said...

These pics are fab. B&W always great of course and my fave.....nothing beats a sleeping babe in a pram.....so cute.