18 June, 2010

the end

I'm not going to be updating my blog anymore....for the time being! No time with 2 kids and everything I do in up at Bon's or on FB...so updating this is not a priority.

Quick final post:

*Beatrix Molly Gardner was born 15 March 2010 weighing 7 pounds 3 ozs and 48 cm...so she was small in length...but just perfect!

*She is 3 months old now...and an angel. I had to wean her due to reflux and a few other reasons, but now she is a very happy and content baby. With a rollover feed she is sleeping through sometimes. This has just started so hopefully it will become a regular occurrence. Fingers crossed!

*Isobel is nearly 4 and is such a big girl now. She is a great help with B.

*I am happy being at home with the girls...scrapping, playing with them, organising a house etc.
You forget how much CRAP comes with a baby, the house is NEVER tidy! But I am enjoying being at home *for now* and am loving life as a SAHM again.

here's some of my latest scrapping and some photos of the girls...I've been fortunate enough to be picked up for publication for a lot of my work lately...so can't show you many haha.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

I would read your blog :P I Love love love your layouts! How gorgeous your precious daughters are :) Thanks for sharing and hopefully one day you decide to blog again xx

bon said...

totally understand, i hardly have time to scrap anymore these days let alone blog, the shop is keeping me so busy :(

hope to see you back blogging again soon though :)