02 January, 2010

Being crafty.

I swear I did a post yesterday...but obviously I forgot to press POST!

So what's up? What's been happening for the last 6 weeks? Um I am now 28 weeks pregnant, baby is good, very active, getting a bit uncomfortable and HEAVY!

My time as Guest DT over at Bon's has finished:( but now I can enter the comps again YAY! Have you seen the Jan kits - OMGoodness!!! I just ordered the girl one, but could have got the boy one as well...still might! Check them out here.

I am applying for the new DT spot over at Scrapbook Savvy, lots of good scrappers applying so I probably won't get it, but got to be in it to win it hey, and Sar runs a lovely shop and forum over there.

Scrapping wise I've done a fair bit, not too much, and I have only been scrapping when I want to, and I've been very happy with what I've come up with. I've got 6 LOs with SC and SM atm so pretty happy with that.

I've also been doing a lot of sewing, yep you heard correctly. The first thing I made was a dress for Isobel - of course I didn't start with an easy one did I.

Then I made this for Isobel one day and I also made myself a maternity top and a strapless top for NYE. Working on a couple of dresses for me as well atm.

Christmas was great too....but will blog about that tomorrow:)


Peta said...

GREAT to see you blogging - your pages are awesome - especially the family holiday one... I looked at getting that material [the bottom one] to make the girls some dresses - now im motivated again - might go grab it tomorrow!!!
Good luck with the Savvy DT:)
So can I stalk your blog and get updates now??? LOL!!!


love the flower dress mal.. WOW.. bet she looks really cute in it.. good luck with the comp/.. hope u get it .. fingers crossed..

Sara said...

Great sewing

What about the CT you DID make?

Jodi said...

Good luck with the DT gig Mal. Love the sewing. It's so satisfying to sew your kids clothes hey. xx

kerry said...

Mal great clothes that you have made there.Good luck on the dt possie.And also congrats on the dt that you did get on.Take care Kerry xx

Jane said...

Gorgeous sewing Mal, the only sewing I've ever done is on a LO - PMSL!!!!!! and love your LO's too, super inspiring, all the best for the Savvy DT comp :).

Sam said...

Love the dress Mal ... Good Luck with the DT spot

Felicity said...

Oh my.. Mal has updated. haha. keep the updates happening.
Love all the sewing you ahve done.
Its been great working alongside you at Bons.
Good Luck with the DT comp.
:) x

Kate said...

wow love your LO's Mal, esp the family holiday one, its stunning!!! such gorgeous little dresses, you are so clever!