05 November, 2009


yes it's been a BIG month -it's been a VERY BUSY one!! and we've hardly been in Melbourne so a bit hard to blog!

So what's news?

1) I'm pregnant - 20 weeks today.
We are very very very excited! It has been a very long road to get to this stage, but after a couple of years of hell, and some mishaps along the way we can say we have a very healthy baby on the way, due March 23rd 2010!


2) I am the guest DT member until the end of December over at Bon's Scraps....

Here are some of my latest creations....scrapping is a little hit and miss at the moment...I think it's the pregnancy hormones!!!

3) We spent 2 weeks on the Sunshine Coast, staying at Sunshine Beach, hanging out there and in Noosa....weather was perfect...27 - 29 everyday...and all we did was relax, go to the beach and swim in the pool!

and we just got back from 5 days camping at Sandy Point with Kell and Jase and Jade and Josh...but I will blog those in the next week i promise!

mmmm i think that's it...


bon said...

oh i just love US piccies..
your bubby looks soooo cute, and i'm so pleased that everything is ok!!!!

what a busy time you've had, a much needed and well deserved break.

loving your scrapping :D

Anonymous said...

OOH congrats sweetpea 1/2 there!
love the pic of Isy eating the apple cannot wait to see that one scrapped love

Marelle said...

Mal it was me marelle google account not playing fairly tonight

Sam said...

awesome ..awesome and awesome :D

So very pleased for you guys :D ... 20 weeks already .. how time flies :) I can say that when it's not me pregnant.

Crystal Bowman said...

Congrats on bub being healthy! You've got a beautiful daughter and I love the LO's you've created!

Felicity said...

great to see you have blogged :)
Love all the holiday snaps.
You sure have been busy, but you so needed the holiday!!
Love all your creations :0)