17 July, 2008

123 Creative team and It's been sooooo long!

It's been sooo long since I updated my blog! Since last post we have been very busy...well I've been busy scrapping up a storm and Nath has been busy working...poor sod!!!

IVF has finished for us...no I'm not pregnant! The thaw cycle was cancelled (didn't work) so we have decided that is enough for us, we will just give it a go ourselves and see what happens. I know it will work out and I am positive I will be pregnant by the end of the year.

Scrapping wiseI have been doing heaps. A couple of weeks ago I had a little breakdown and was very unhappy with my work so I took some advice (thanks girls over at Bon's) and had a break for a few days, looked through my stash, went window shopping at some galleries and got some inspiration. Well I haven't looked back. My work might not be everybodies cup of tea, but I am loving what I am doing (and so are Nath and Isy). I feel more creative, I'm enjoying scrapping again and my study/scrap space is an ABSOLUTE MESS!!!! I even have new found confidence...so much so that I have submitted some of my work for publication...probably won't get picked but I'll never know unless I have a go!

I AM NOW PART OF THE 123 CREATIVE TEAM!!!! YAY!!!! I am really excited about this..I love the 123 challenges (and I am just slightly addicted to Funkstreet designs stuff!!!!!) so I decided to put myself up for being on this team. I completed ALL 4 CC challenges, plus the 123 July challenge and a most revealing questionnaire about myself. No payment, no freebies JUST THE GLORY OF REPRESENTING Scrapbook N'Bits on 123 Challenge.

Isn't this just the cutest pic of Isy! Taken by Charm Koch when we were over at Bon's.


anna said...

sorry to hear it didn't work for you this time round - good luck!

love the photo of isy and the tummy time page - i think that's my favourite of the ones you've put up...


Charmane said...

It was Awesome catching up with you yesterday - so SORRY about Harmony screaming the shop down {how embarrassment!}
Hope you are having fun with your funkstreet stuff ;)
Isy is just the cutest little munchkin!!!
Hope to catch up with you soon :)

Love Charmane

Julie said...

Congrats on joining the 123 CT!!
Cheers, Julie M